Monday, August 25, 2014


  - And I will cross oceans -  
It was my first thought when I knew I was coming to my homeland to spend some quality time with my loved ones. After almost a year not seeing all of them together I can tell I feel lucky to have them, and more because wherever I decided to go they are always supporting me with kind words and sending me some real love. 
Being a thousand miles away make you appreciate the real value of having a great family and good friends around (The main reason why it is so special for me coming home). 
While I'm here it's not so difficult to bring to the table all kind of memories from my younger years, that as far as I know they really make me smile and laugh like it was only yesterday I was all the way here, living some of the craziest days of my life, being this rebel teenager I was back then. But for now I'm really happy and excited for my present, and all the future plans I got ahead. Life has some ways to proved you right when you are doing what you love, and working for it everyday a little that opportunities will cross your path sooner than later. So this how our summerish days may want to end when I wish it last forever I won't deny I already wondering what my next adventure will be?....

PS: -Everyday my love two traveller souls will found some of what they really need, and that day they won't settle down because they have found the real meaning of life.- 




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