Sunday, March 30, 2014


Feeling of hope...
I've been chasing sunrise and sunsets wherever I am. But they have that feeling of hope that is sort of magical. Call me crazy, maybe I do. The thing is they are perfectly made with the right amount and combination of colors, shadow, and light. Even when you don't know what tomorrow will bring, after those moments you actually believe that everything you've ever dreamed will become a reality, and that's what I call hope... for a better tomorrow. 

Happy Sunday..

Friday, March 28, 2014

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A warm morning in the city, grabbing a cup of tea and laying down on the couch. There are few thoughts in my head, and here I am typing again. Something I've been quitting for quite a lot, and if I even recognize myself I wouldn't doubt about writing.
4 years ago I decided to take a big step in my life in search of my dreams including fashion and love. Having got the fashion part under the spot, I've concentrated on my search for love, turns out it's not that easy to spot.....Until it is.
That's why you need help to spot it.  Actually you need a lot of help. Help also known as your friends while they are in their own search.
As for me I'm looking for something quite big. Turns out when that big love comes along it won't be easier, and despite all the other chapters in my life, no one was ever big enough. And just like that 3 years later I still feel ready to conquer the world. Even though time has move us on. I've managed to stay exactly where I wanted to be in love with life......

to be continue...

Chapter I