Friday, April 19, 2013


When they say a picture can say a thousands words, I agree.
So here are a few for an amazing weekend..


Via Edelkoort

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Freedom )

Do you ever wonder about yourself or where you are heading? 
And lost your mind...that one day all you want to do is to buy a ticket and careless live the life you have imagined and forget all the bad things that happened? 
Is that something out of your mind that you truly believe but even with that confidence people still ask you why?
Or do you ever want to quit everything for that precious moment that you still have right inside your heart that worth everything?....But then again you fight against yourself to keep on with your responsibilities, so they say the loudest voice are the quiet ones. But you are tired therefore just one day randomly you decided to stand up and stop everything around you, and say: There's no need to keep doing all the things the way we do. It's time for a change, so many wake up calls have passed and knocked your door over and over, but you never really listened them. 
Tell me what's next?.....

For the ones that already figured this out, knows that there's no time if you do not  do the things you want to do today, maybe tomorrow there's no more time. Make it count, forget yourself and let your spirit be free.
Why wait for the perfect moment? I guess there's not a perfect one, just do it. 
Life is not the easiest task, but it really worth it. Second chances? yes it does exist, so we better take the path we want , and if there's one thing we have learned do not take life for granted.

Even when this day does not need any introduction, and It's probably the most random writing with a touch of bad taste. I guess we all figure the way to go crazy, yeah I know it's strange, but I really say the word C-R-A-Z-Y.