Friday, March 15, 2013


 It was all about capture the moment. The light was amazing, so I managed to take good pictures. But a nostalgic feeling is coming over while I'm doing the post.  I miss my days in Paris, the fun, all the laugh we had, the good food,  the long walks with my friend, and of course the coffee breaks we did during our time there.
For now I'm all about new projects with my university, I must say it's fun and I love it, but all the work needs to be done before easter break, and I'm totally excited about it. Some relaxing time and chill, and of course some travel it's officially coming by. ♥

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

/A very Parisian Saturday

( Dessert for a good start )

OH LA LA!…. -Paris is the place I always want to come back, there's a story for young lovers that between magic and happiness you keep great memories inside-. And that was a phrase I wrote one year ago exactly with my first visit to Paris. I know it could sound like a cliché and romantic, but the truth is how magical and inspiring is the city.
Besides that, my first day this time was like we were planning a lot do, but then we worked out everything spontaneously. We took the metro for the first time,  and then we supposed to go straight to the museum of modern art, but as the most unplanned thing  we decided to go down in one stop we chose randomly.  We found a curious street market (for the citizens was a common thing though, we still found it great). It was like the perfect place to look for inspiration, colors, textures, flowers, food (may say really good a tasty desserts), and even antiques accessories. We had breakfast there in order to enjoy our experience a bit more, and try some fresh food made by a Parisian. The people were so nice and friendly that we ended up having a blast in the place. We couldn’t ask for more!....Then we realized we were just a corner away from the museum. 

( Mixed  Parisian and Spanish flavors )

( Going all the way for green products )

( beautiful white roses )

( Will you be my late valentine? )

( The color combination is absolutely flattering ) 

( Gorgeous vintage Dior necklace )

( Earrings synchronization ) 


( My second favorite necklace where the leaves were so perfectly made )