Thursday, June 26, 2014


So yes I say summer! I beg I did. Where my heart was exactly pointing was north, and that was where I end up. 
Bilbao to be exactly. What a beautiful city!...if this is not a surprise I completely fall in love with the contemporary architecture that is all over in contrast with the old buildings. I mean wow... greatness!!!..
It was the shortest visit ever.... my main point was to go to the Guggenheim museum specific to see the Jeff koons work of art, and to attend to the Yoko Ono retrospective exposition,., an incredible women that is such an inspiration. It made me feel very happy to be able to see her work and the things she believed with such a deep emotion. 
Other than that I tried the best carrot cake in town, a small guilty pleasure before leaving the city.


(Wish tree by Yoko Ono exposition )

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